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There is an opening in our group for a Research Fellow (Postdoc) position:


Fundamental challenges in transforming synthetic and energy based materials are increasingly being met using inorganic chemical solutions. This project focuses on C-F bond activation and functionalization using main group organometallic catalysts. The project will involve advanced organometallic syntheses as well as organic synthesis to demonstrate catalyst competency.



Candidates wishing to apply will have completed a PhD in Chemistry. Prior experience in synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry, analytical techniques (NMR, IR, MS, ect.), and air-sensitive methodologies are desired. A high proficiency in written and spoken English is essential.

Candidates should submit their CV (including publication history), a brief outline of prior research and, a cover letter outlining their motivations for to this position and their suitability to work in Singapore. 

For those who are interested, please use this link to apply.


Latest Publication

12) Nucleophilic substitution of aliphatic fluorides via pseudohalide intermediates

A. K. Jaiswal, P. K. Prasad, R. D. Young, Chem. Eur. J. 2019, 25 (25), 6290–6294.


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