Current Group Members

Research Fellows

Simon Sung

Simon completed his undergraduate degree at Imperial College London, UK. As part of his degree, he undertook an industrial placement at the Home Office Scientific Development Branch. Under the supervision of Dr James Wilton-Ely, he worked towards the synthesis of multimetallic MRI contrast agents for his final year MSci project. Simon stayed at Imperial College for his PhD studies, which involved working on understanding aspects of copper-catalysed reactions under the supervision of Dr Rob Davies (IC), Professor Chris Braddock (IC), Professor Alan Armstrong (IC), Dr David Sale (Syngenta) and Dr Colin Brennan (Syngenta). Simon moved to Singapore to take up a research fellow position at NUS working in the field of Organometallic Chemistry. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling and is a keen photographer.



Dipendu Mandal

Dipendu completed his Chemistry degrees in India with BSc (Hons) at Vidyasagar University, Medinipur in 2010 and MSc at Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras), Chennai, in 2012. During masters he completed a short summer intern at industry (Hindustan Unilever Limited, R&D Centre, Bengaluru, India) on organic synthesis and also a final year project on ferrocene based molecular sensing chemistry under Prof. Sundargopal Ghosh. He had also a stint in 2013 as a project associate in the same group in collaboration with Prof. Edamana Prasad at IIT Madras on developing ferrocene tagged supramolecular materials. He completed his PhD in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Alan Welch at Heriot-Watt University, UK, on the exploration of metallacarborane chemistry of 1,1′‑bis(o-carborane). He joins as a research fellow to study the activation of C-F bond using Frustrated Lewis Pairs.



Hendrik Tinnermann

Hendrik completed his bachelor and master thesis at the TU Dortmund, Germany in organic chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Hiersemann. He contributed to the total synthesis of Menverin C and F, and worked on the development of catalytic asymmetric Claisen rearrangement of kojic acid derivatives. For his PhD studies he moved to the Max-Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung in Mülheim, Germany, where he pursued the design, synthesis and applications of new cationic ligands of the 15th main group elements under the supervision of Prof. Fürstner and Prof. Alcarazo. He finished his PhD degree after moving with Prof. Alcarazo to the Georg-August-University Göttingen. Afterwards Hendrik joined Rowan´s group in February 2018 as a research fellow, focusing his research interest to PCcarbeneP pincers and their late stage modification for applications in catalysis. In his spare time, he enjoys bouldering and a good chess match.



Graduate Students

Amit Kumar Jaiswal

Amit was born in New Delhi, raised in Kolkata and studied there until he finished his undergraduate in University of Calcutta in Kolkata. Later, he moved to Pondicherry Central University to finished his MSc. in Chemical Sciences. He worked under the supervision of Dr. N. Dastagiri Reddy in the Main Group Organometallics Lab for his Masters’ Thesis where he worked on the catalytic applications of aluminium and magnesium complexes. Amit joined the group in January 2016 and started working on C-F bond activation catalysed by main group elements.

Email: e0013537@u.nus.ed


Wang Qingyang

Qingyang was born in Xi’an,China in 1992. He finished his undergraduate from East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai. During his final year, he went to Queens University Belfast in Northern Ireland for exchange. He worked under Dr.Chirangano Mangwandi for Purification of industrial dyes by column technology for final year research project. Then he continued to stay in UK to finish his MPhil degree on assessing the bioactivity of peptide especially for anti-cancer target under Prof. Chris Shaw and Dr.Tianbao Chen. Qingyang joined Rowan’s group to start his PhD in Jan 2016.



Richa Gupta

Richa completed her undergraduate at Miranda House, University of Delhi, India. After that she moved to Hyderabad to pursue M.Sc. in Chemical Science from Hyderabad Central University, India. Under the supervision of Prof. M. Sathiyendrian, she worked towards the synthesis of Rhenium-based Metallacycles for her final year M.Sc. Project. Then she moved to Delhi to take a position as Technical Consultant Chemistry in Scube Scientific, India. Richa has joined Rowan’s group as a graduate student in January, 2018 and is working on C-F bond activations.



Undergraduate Project Students

Intern Students

Hashir Gill

Brandon Truong